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Taste of Guatemala, Antigua Walking Food Tour

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Adult Ages 10+
Child Ages 2-10

Enjoy the color and Flavor of Guatemala!

Food is the universal language and our food experience is curated to connect you to the greatest local food in the world. Our expert guide will share with you the many wonders of this city and the magic of the flavors and textures of the Guatemalan Gastronomy.

You will be Pick up in our meeting point to meet our guide specialized in gastronomy and will start with an introduction to the Guatemalan Gastronomy History, during our walking we will admire the architecture of the colonial City of Antigua, below a brief summary of what to expect on your way.

Taste a delicious Guatemalan coffee, we are going to learn a Little bit about the cultivation and process  of the coffee ending our information with the taste of two methods.

Then continuing our experience we will visit a Guatemalan typical candy shop where we will learn about the elaboration process and history also will appreciate the handmade candies and made of local ingredients and fruits.

The Central Park is located at the heart of the city, surrounded by the traditional grid pattern frequently utilized in Spanish urban planning in the colonies. The park is surrounded by the Palace of the Generals Captain, City Hall, the church of San José (formerly the Cathedral of Guatemala), the Archbishop’s Palace and the Portal of Commerce. Here, visitors will also find the Mermaid´s Fountain. The Count of Gomera (Gomera is the word for a rubber plantation) built the fountain in remembrance of a popular legend, which tells the story of a King whose daughters gave birth but did not want to nurse their children.  Will learn about this famous story as you immerse yourself in the colonial history of the city.

Spanish cooperative, Church and Convent “La Compañía de Jesús”  was later installed for commercial purposes, the building became a cantonal market until the 1976 earthquake.

The main foods that were in Mesoamerica before the Conquest were corn, beans, squash, cacao and chili and to remember a bit our past we will have the opportunity to be in touch with local people and will learn how to make tortillas that is made of corn.

Visit to an emblematic restaurant of Antigua Guatemala well known for its variety of local dishes, we will know what kitchens were like in ancient times and we will taste a delicious Guatemalan desserts made with local ingredients, also we will appreciate the amazing landscape that offers the terrace, from this view we will appreciate the Santa Catalina Arch, La Merced Church and other important buildings from Antigua Guatemala.

On our walking we will appreciate the Santa Catalina Arch and its history.

Continuing our experience we will taste local dishes and we will know about its history, we will have the opportunity to meet the most important dishes for the Guatemala Gastronomy, These creations of culinary art were born during the sixteenth century and represent the fusion of pre-Columbian cuisine with ingredients of Hispanic Arabic origin. Most of the dishes are made with Vegetables, meats and spices. Also we will have the opportunity to taste an icon dish of Antigua Guatemala, well known for its peculiar flavor and ingredients that make it up.

End of our delicious walking.